For anon: Kimilee Bryant in the US tour and on Broadway 

(except that first photo which is from Easter Bonnet, where the POTO ensemble had made a gentle LND parody) 





Here you are, Anon! Pictures of the Palais Garnier, my favorite building in the world. :D

The final image in the set shows you the location of Box 5 from the auditorium.

I always thought Box Five was on the other side before I saw this photo set! I keep zooming in looking for Erik.

I always thought it was the one to the right of the circled box

Actually a lot of people think that, since it would seem natural for Erik to select a more grandiose box, but Box 5 is indeed just like the other boxes on the first tier (except that it has a pillar along its left side, which Leroux’s narrator claimed was hollow and was Erik’s hiding place inside the box).

Leroux wrote of Box 5:

"It is a box like all the other first tier boxes. In truth, nothing distinguishes this box from its neighbors."

Here’s a picture of Box 5 from the inside, from darthxerik's dA account, showing the partition wall between Box 5 and Box 7 on the right:

BTW, according to Mme Giry, Erik’s chair was the first seat in the front row on the right.


Claire Lyon (left) and Emilie Lynn (right), Christines in the World Tour for the Manila, Seoul and Daegu stops. 

Christine I love you


Why does the caged bird sing?